CancelledLecture Dr. Jos JooreCity Hall 8:00 PMMini human organs on a chip.
May 16, 2022Lecture Drs. Carlijn JordansCity Hall………HIV Indicator Conditions, HIV passcode: rrj556?g
March 3 2022Lecture Drs. Dirk VerhoevenCity HallPrevention of food allergy.
Feb 3 2022Lecture Prof.dr. Marc MureauOnlineThe added value and dilemmas of breast reconstructive surgery.
15 May 2021Podcast Prof. Dr. Maikel PeppelenboschPodcastInterview with Pres. Dir. BGPW Maikel Peppelenbosch.
Jan 7 2021Podcast Prof. Dr. Frank GrosveldPodcastProgress in the development of an antibody against SARS-CoV-2.
June 8 2020Lecture Prof.dr. Frank GrosveldOnlineDiscovery of a human monoclonal antibody against SARS-CoV-2: report and publication.

The Candidate Member Committee (About us / Candidate Members BGPW) provides its own lectures and activities. These can be held at locations other than the town hall and the starting time can also vary.