Stichting Batavian Society of Experimental Philosophy

RSIN/Fiscal Code: 805 371 692

CoC nr: 41 125 507

Contact details:

    P.O. Box 597, 3000 AN  Rotterdam



Board composition: see website under Board

Objective: Promote the study of natural sciences and their practice for the benefit of society; see also Plan and Constitution under Home – About the Society

Policy plan: The Society aims to achieve its objectives by delivering lectures, awarding prizes and supporting scientific initiatives that fit its objectives.

a. The Society convenes six meetings per year for its members, during which a scientific presentation is given.

b. The Society awards the International Steven Hoogendijk Award (ISHA) every two years to a scientist who was groundbreaking in the medical/technological field.

c. The Society awards two study prizes annually to an outstanding student at the Medical Faculty of Erasmus University Rotterdam and an outstanding student at Delft University of Technology, respectively.

d. The Society awards the Steven Hoogendijk Prize once every two years to one outstanding PhD candidate from the Erasmus Medical Center and one from Delft University of Technology.

e. The Society may grant financial support for conducting research of scientific interest

Decision-making authority: The board members have joint authority. As a UBO, the President Administrator is registered in the ‘Ultimate Beneficial Owner’ register.

Remuneration Policy: Board members receive no monetary compensation for their work for the Society.

Administration: The financial administration has been outsourced to an accountant.

Activities: The Batavian Society convenes six Ordinary Meetings per year for its members and guests, during which a scientific lecture is given. These meetings are held in the evening in the City Hall in Rotterdam, with the Municipality of Rotterdam acting as host. In addition, an afternoon meeting is held every year at which prizes are awarded.

Use of personal data: The Bataafsch Genootschap communicates with its members about the activities by sending e-mails and/or post. To this end, each new member is asked to provide the following information: surname, first name, initials, title, year of birth, postal address, email address, specialty and possibly a telephone number. Changes communicated by a member (relocations, etc.), including a request to (partially) delete his/her data, are immediately processed in the member file. Every member has the right to inspect his/her registered data. The membership database of the Bataafsch Genootschap is not linked to a website, it is only used for its own activities, and it is not shared with other organizations. The Bataafsch Genootschap does not use cookies on its own website.

Donations: You can transfer your voluntary contribution to bank account number NL54ABNA0554113155. Stichting Bataafsch Genootschap der PW stating: donation.

Annual accounts:

All amounts in € x 1000

Income & Costs202320222021202020192018201720162015
Dividends & Interest17172022 32 30 28 30  24 
Donations53513 5
Total22202535 41 36 34 35 27 
General expenses21191617 17 32 27 13 13 
Donations into Reserves23181818 – -8 49 17 17 
Total44373435 17 24 76 30 30 
 Result excl. shares & bonds-22-17-924 12 -42 -3 
 Assets & Liabilities
 Shares & Bonds1282113813611184 11931260 1217 985 1116  
 Bank65146147186 183 58 221 390 253 
 Total1347128515081370 1376 1318 1438 1375 1369 
 Reserves for activities:
 General / meetings1017424 20 
 Prices7162831 25 30 49 59  61 
 250 years Jubilee– – 108 100 42  42 
 Total17333237 29 146 157 125  123 
 Equity (Assets – Liabilities)1330 1252147613331347 1172 1281  1250 1246