In addition to the many treatises that the Batavian Society of Experimental Philosophy published in the first two centuries of its existence, special publications have been published for special anniversaries.

Digitized treatises can be found via these links, among others: Treatises: 1st series, 1st volume (1774); 1st series, 6th volume (1781); 1st series 9th part (1790); New Treatises: 2nd series, 1st volume (1868); New Treatises: 3rd series, 4th part, 2nd piece (1995) and the last written treatises: 3rd series, 4th part, 3rd piece (2008).

For the 150th anniversary you will find (here) the so-called ‘Kuenen’. This anniversary book provides an overview of the state of physics in 1919 and what the Netherlands contributed to it. From the Commemoration Meeting or General Meeting on September 20, 1919, including a celebratory speech by Honorary Member Prof. Dr. H.A. Lorentz about the new insights into electricity, you can read the announcement in the NRC here (page 9 at the bottom) and the report here. And you can find out about the contributions – from members – of the BGPW to Relativity in particular here.

A slightly different form was chosen for the 200th anniversary, which you can find in parts here, here, here and here. This anniversary book covers the activities of the Society between 1919 and 1969.

For the 225th anniversary in 1994, Prof.dr. Mart van Lieburg wrote a treatise on the post-war period (here).

And for the 250th anniversary, an anniversary book has been compiled again, which was published in June 2019 and the first copy of which was presented to our Protectrix: Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands. You can listen to a preview here and the book with all interviews can be found here.

Presentation of the first copy ‘We have only just begun’ to HRH Princess Beatrix.