On June 7, 2019, the Batavian Society published its 250th anniversary book entitled: “We have only just begun“.

The main component of the anniversary book are the 18 interviews with scientists from our own circle. They talk about where their interest in the field came from, what they have contributed and where they think their field is going. In addition to the paper edition, the 18 interviews can also be listened to:

Prof. dr. Rob Benner – Immunology
Prof. dr. ir. Klaas Bom – Bio-engineering
Prof. dr. ir. Johan Frijns – Implants
Prof. dr. Hans Galjaard – Human genetics
Prof. dr. Teun van Gelder – Nefrology
Dr. Felix Hol – Bio-engineering
Prof. dr. ir. Maaike Kroon – Chemical engineering
Prof. dr. ir Hans Mooij – Quantum technology
Prof. dr. Fokko Mulder – Batteries
Prof. dr. Ab Osterhaus – Virology
Prof. dr. ir. Ton van der Steen – Vascular imaging
Prof. dr. Huug Tilanus – Transplants
Prof. dr. Margreet Vos – Infections
Prof. ir. drs. Han Vrijling – Flood protection and Waterregulation
Prof. dr. ir. Kees Vuik – Health mathematics
Dr. Flora de Waard-van der Spek – Dermatology
Prof. dr. Claire Wyman – Molecular biology
Prof. dr. ir. Miro Zeman – PV cells

The anniversary book also includes a list of the special members and directors of the Society over the past 250 years. The accompanying Excel file contains not only the names, but also hyperlinks to interesting background information about the people in question. The Plan and Constitution describes how the different types of members are defined.