Since 2018, a selective group of young academic top talents from TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University have been affiliated as candidate members of the Batavian Society of Experimental Philosophy (BGPW). The candidate members, together with the current board and some members, give form and content to the rejuvenation in order to guarantee the future of the Bataafsch Genootschap.

Who are the Candidate Members?

To prepare new members for full membership of the Batavian Society and the exclusivity and quality of the participants, top academic talents are targeted and personal invited. Persons who qualify for this are young academics professionals, PhD candidates and excellent students who demonstrate their commitment want to contribute to science and society. They are excessive interested in the impact of academic research, want to share their knowledge with others and have multidisciplinary interests. In addition, the candidate members have an international orientation that reflects diversity of the current scientific world.

What do the Candidate Members do?

We contribute by organizing joint activities and actively participating in BGPW meetings. We meet several times a year at a special location in Rotterdam and Delft. Our activities and meetings offer top academic talents from Rotterdam and Delft a stage for discussions, lectures, competitions, journal and book reviews and other forms of knowledge transfer. In addition, the candidate members jointly visit other academic knowledge venues and institutions. Through these initiatives we form a platform for knowledge transfer between different age groups and knowledge disciplines.

A cross-science PhD program is also actively being developed in collaboration with Erasmus University, Erasmus MC, TU Delft and the international business community, so that candidate members of the Batavian Society can optimally acquire a position in the academic world.

How do I become a Candidate Member?

Are you, as a young academic top talent, interested in… the Batavian Society of Experimental Philosophy and would like to contact you acquainted? Please contact the candidate committee members via