Presentation of the 2nd International Steven Hoogendijk Award 2004

Coin side 1st Medal International Steven Hoogendijk Award

The 2nd International Steven Hoogendijk Award has been awarded to Prof.dr. Thomas Sinkjaer for his work in the field of biomechanics, functional electrostimulation and electrodes for feedback.

The jury consisted of: H.G. Stassen (Vz), prof.dr. L. Feenstra, prof.dr. J.C.T. Feijen, prof.dr. H.K.A. Visser and prof.drs. J.H.P. Wilson.

The ceremony on Friday, June 18, 2004 in the Citizens’ Hall of the town hall was well attended and started with a short symposium by Prof. M.J. van Lieburg (history of artificial organs) and prof. J.L.H.R. Bosch (stimulation, nerve recovery).

At 6:00 PM the Pres.Dir. Pieter Kruit attended the ceremony with a laudation from Prof. Stassen, after which the medal was presented by Prof. Dr. J. Dirken EUR ING.