Dr. Linda Strande recieves 11th ISHA

20 September, 2024

On Friday, September 20, the International Steven Hoogendijk Award will be presented for the eleventh time, this time to Dr. Linda Strande for her contributions to the development of safe and efficient methods for water purification in the megapolis of this world that can effectively, efficiently, and affordably improve hygiene by leaps and bounds.

The Society is particularly pleased to award the 11th ISHA medal to Dr. Strande given that the Society’s founding in 1769 was also focused on improving the water quality in the canals of Rotterdam, then with the help of the newly introduced steam turbine (here).

Linda Strande receives the ISHA medal from Mayor Aboutaleb, who will thus fulfill his last act as Praeses Magnificus of the Batavian Society.

On Thursday afternoon, September 19, Dr. Strande will give a public lecture about her work at TU Delft and on Friday morning, September 20, there will be a public symposium about the field and work of Dr. Strande in the Prinses Theater, Schiedamseweg 19B in Rotterdam. Further details will be provided as soon as possible.