General Meeting September 18, 2021

Fortunately, despite Corona, the 121st General Meeting could again take place physically at the KR&ZV De Maas, with a Zoom livestream broadcast so that the meeting could also be attended virtually. Moreover, the weather was kind to us, so the break and drinks were relaxed on the spacious terrace on the Maas – instead of. could be enjoyed sitting indoors.

Unfortunately our Praeses Magnificus was Burg. Aboutaleb was unable to attend, but being awarded Best Mayor in the World understandably took priority.

President Director prof.dr. Maikel Peppelenbosch opens the meeting at 2:30 PM and welcomes everyone, especially the prize winners, and congratulates Burg. Aboutaleb with his fantastic award.

In the brief explanation of the events of the past two years, the President and Director reflects on the forced switch to Zoom meetings, a show of affection for our Protectrix Princess Beartix, the members we have lost and the activities of the candidate membership committee that includes several podcasts. has made itself heard.

Then we move on to the award ceremonies, first the graduation prizes for the best graduation theses at Erasmus MC: by drs. Simone Witte by prof.dr. Natasja de Groot for her work in the field of signal analysis of cardiac excitation and van Rolf Kok MSc by Linda Scheffers for his work in the field of the effect of Enzyme Replacement Therapy for children with Pompe muscle disease.

Left: Simone Witte and Rolf Kok and Right Rick Waasdorp and Chiara Mazza

And then with the best graduation theses at TU Delft: from Ir. Rick Waasdorp by Alfred Schouten for his work in the field of measuring the contraction of a muscle and from Ir. Chiara Mazza by Dr. Laurens Rook for her work in the field of diagnosing the mental condition of people in conversation with a chat robot.

And then it’s the turn of the Steven Hoogendijk prizes.

Dr. Meyer Sauteur and Prof. Peppelenbosch

First the medical SHP by prof.dr. Bob Lowenberg and prof.dr. Annemarie van Rossum for Dr. Patrick Meyer Sauthor who, under difficult circumstances – while commuting between Zurich and Rotterdam – conducted research into serious infections caused by M. Pneumoniae and what to do about them.

Prof. Peppelenbosch, Yared Abebe and Dr. Zoran Vojinovic

And after the break the technical SHP by prof.dr. Fulvio Scarano and Dr. Zoran Vojinovic for Yared Abebe who, for the management of flood risks in an area, links the geographical and physical risks to the efforts of institutions of the relevant society in order to determine which measure(s) are most effective.

After which Mr.drs. Bruno Bruins opened the lecture season ’21-’22 under the theme ‘Covid – Lessons Learned’ with an appealing personal story ‘In and out of politics, resilience required’ about his experiences with the pandemic. He concluded with the recommendation: “if the party leader calls whether you want to join his cabinet as a minister, say yes.”

And afterwards, the presentation was discussed extensively on the terrace of the KR&ZV on the Maas.