General Meeting September 7, 2019

The 120th General Meeting was held in the anniversary year of 2019. Due to its special character, a special location was chosen: the completely renovated Wereldmuseum and the members came in large numbers.

Our Pres.Dir. Peter Wieringa opened the meeting, which in addition to the usual program (here) in this anniversary year, also included the rich history with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Mart van Lieburg about the ‘Windows of the Batavian Society: 1769 – 2019’.

The presentation of the medical Steven Hoogendijk Prize went to: Dr. Jurjen Versluis for his dissertation in the field of Leukemia (here) where – after the laudation by prof.dr. Teun van Gelder (Pres. EMC jury) – gave a clear explanation (here).

And the presentation of the technical Steven Hoogendijk Prize went to: Norbert Kalb for his thesis in the field of the Quantum Internet. The laudation was given by Robert Jan Labeur (member of the TUD jury) and Ronald Hanson (promoter). Due to its special character, the TU Delft gave attention to this Prize as well. After this, Kalb -despite the difficult subject- explains his research beautifully.

Study prizes were also awarded to: Drs. Leslie Strengers (unfortunately ill) and Drs. Kimberley van der Willik both from the EMC and to: Ir. Linda van der Spaa and Ir. Jacopo Zamboni from TUD, who gave his presentation via Skype from Osaka due to his honeymoon.

Finally, Pres.Dir. Peter Wieringa youngest member Kees Vuik his membership certificate

After which the meeting ended with a delicious dinner and update from Dr. Athina Vidaki about the progress of the I-Lab-U project.