10th International Steven Hoogendijk Award 2022

The 10th International Steven Hoogendijk Award 2022 was awarded to Dr. Katherine High, MD for her work in Gene Therapy especially with Adeno-Associated Viral vectors with which she helped finding a cure for e.g. hemophilia-B and a hereditary blindness.

The jury consisting of prof. Luc van der Laan, prof. Gerjo van Osch and prof. Hans van Leeuwen stated in their report that Dr. High combined an exceptional research attitude with a clear focus to finance projects and steer through the FDA approval processes.

During her stay in the Netherlands Dr. High followed a busy program with a public lecture “Highlights and hurdles in development of gene therapy for genetic disease” at the Erasmus MC on Thursday afternoon Feb. 9, 2023 and a scientific dinner afterwards.

And on Friday Feb. 10, 2023 she took part in the Symposium held in her honor in the Public Library and received the ISHA medal from the hands of mayor Aboutaleb in the town hall on Friday afternoon.

The Symposium consisted of:
Prof. Pieter Reitsma (LUMC) ‘In celebration of coagulation’
Prof. Frank Leebeek (EMC) ‘Rotterdam Experience with Gene Therapy’
Dr. Pavlina Konstantinova (VectorY) ‘Precision targeted Therapies’
Dr. Henri Versteeg (LUMC) ‘None-canonical Functions of Coagulation’
Dr. Lothar Steidler (ActoBio) ‘ActoBiotics: Out of the Ordinary (Gene) Therapy’
Prof. Frank Staal (LUMC) ‘Gene Therapies Targeting Hematopoietic Stem Cells’

In his introduction of Gene Therapy at the award ceremony prof. Sander van Deventer was critical about European Regulations / Dutch Law that causes many gene therapy startups and people working in the field to move abroad and e.g. changes treated patients into Genetically Modified Organisms which fall under the Ministry of Agriculture. And mayor Aboutaleb added that the exchange of ideas and culture between different parts of the World are necessary ingredients to advance Human knowledge.

Prof. Sander van Deventer
Prof. Luc van der Laan
Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb
Dr. High
Praeses Magnificus Ahmed Aboutaleb, Dr. Katherine High and Pres.Dir. prof. Maikel Peppelenbosch

The day ended with a private dinner at the KR&ZV De Maas.